Economy and Professional plan with premium features


Offering full function solutions for daily jobs and can create a high performance and convenience atmosphere in working time. Most of the functions are strongly automated with fully configured software and suitable for professional use. More accessible, affordable, effective and efficient for B to B environments. Beyond the assets tracking, it can also perform professional functions for every vehicle (Like heavy machinery, agriculture machinery, and logistics vehicles, etc.), humans(attendance) and animals.

  • GPS / LBS

  • Geofencing (Line/Circle/Polygon/Icon)

  • Alert and notification system (Complex and Customized)

  • Fuel Management (Complex and Customized)

  • Service maintenance (Complete Set with Separate Application)

  • Mobile apps

  • Support 24/7

  • Playback history (12 months)

  • Flexible report-building
    Route optimization/management
    CAN bus data reading
    Driver behavior monitoring
    Driving Score Application
    Driver Management
    Passenger Management
    Mobile workforce management
    Fleet performance analysis
    Fuel consumption control
    Video surveillance
    Logistics/Delivery Application
    Transportation Application

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Offering a complete solution for Assets Tracking, with fully configured software.
Suitable for tracking the light vehicles, humans, and animals with reasonable price.

  • GPS Location

  • Real-time monitoring

  • Geofencing (Polygon)

  • Alert and notification system (Built-in)

  • Fuel Management (Built-in)

  • Service maintenance (Normal)

  • Mobile apps

  • Support 24/7

  • Playback history (12 months)