Assets Tracking

Assets’ tracking means keeping the track of location in real-time such as vehicle, heavy machinery, generator, human and pets etc.

Intelligent Alerts

Intelligent alert is an automatic alerting system when events occur. For example, if you want the vehicles to be driven only in the Yangon region and you want to be alerted when the vehicles over that region, just put that intelligent alert for that event. Beyond this, you can also track the events through the monitoring system, SMS and phone call such as engine starting, Ignition key on/off, accident and over speed etc.

Fleet Maintenance Control

What and when services should be provided is one of the problems when managing vehicle maintenance. Fleet Maintenance Control can reduce the cost and repair time of a vehicle. It can be set up and assigned the automatic alarm for the maintenance events such as engine oiling, tire replacing, battery changing and also timing for driver and vehicle license expires.

Driver Identification

Driver Identification is a system by using with RFID card that can monitor and control the driver who driving any vehicle, driving hour, driving distance and engine hour. That is more suitable for the drivers who were not assigned with their own permanent vehicles in the operation. That’s why it can provide the working hour and KPI of each driver.

Eco Driving or Driver Behavior

Eco-driving is a feature that can control the drivers who act the behavior such as driving with over speed, hash acceleration and hash levering. Some of the benefits are reducing the vehicle accident rate, reducing the fuel consumption and longevity of vehicles. In addition, the driver can also be assigned with the score and provided the reward program base on their performances.

Fuel Monitoring

Fuel monitoring feature is the exact definition of fuel output and usage. Fuel theft monitoring, filling quantity monitoring of gasoline station and battery lifetime monitoring base on fuel consumption are the benefits of this feature. It can also find out the actual cost of every single trip. Furthermore, depending on the fuel consumption drivers’ KPI can also be calculated.

Sensor Monitoring

Sensor monitoring can provide the detail information of the vehicle’s base on the functions of ECU. Some sensor functions provided by the ECU such as door sensor, seat belt sensor, ignition sensor, foot break, mileage, fuel sensor and temperature sensor can be monitored and tracked time by time.

Geo Fencing

Geo-fencing is a function that can set the own private zone on the map. If the vehicles are wanted to be driven in designated areas, just set the geo-fence on the map. That’s why, when the drivers are driving beyond the designated area, the monitoring system will be able to detect it immediately.

Engine Blocking

Engine blocking system is a feature that cannot allow the vehicle and machinery to start remotely. In some situations like that when the vehicle or machinery is driven beyond the specified time or place, that vehicle can be done the engine blocking by the GPS system. That’s why that vehicle or machinery will no longer be able to operate.

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