Our Solution – Heavy Machinery

There is no doubt, the following problems are inevitable in every industry operating with a large number of heavy machineries.

It is also a headache for the use of heavy machinery effectively and planning for the maintenance regularly.

Construction vehicles such as Excavators, Backhoe Loaders, Bulldozers, Skid-Steer Loaders, Motor Graders, Crawler Loaders, Trenchers, Scrapers, Common Dump Trucks are need to be aware of these Engine Hour, Traveling Hour, Idling Hour, Engine Temperature, Engine RPM, Fuel Level, Fuel Consumption and Service Maintenance Alarm in a timely manner.

Engine Hour

Can monitor the Engine Hour like appeared on Dashboard in real-time.

Working Hour

Can also indicate the machinery’s actual working hours like a real working hour (Working with moving the Boom, Arm, and Bucket), traveling hour, idling hour (Starting the engine without working unnecessarily), etc.

Travelling Hour

Machineries are not designed for traveling. If the traveling hour is more than allowed, there might be necessary to make the major maintenances. But, NETPRO GPS can solve this problem by reducing redundancy maintenance. So, if the machine is traveling beyond the limit, it can easily know by monitoring the intelligent alert for the system.

Idling Hour

t cannot be said that the machinery is working even though its engine is running. It might be also idling. If the machine engine is starting without moving the Boom, Arm, and Bucket it can be considered as idling. There might be a limit for idling hour (Warming up Time) and there is over or beyond the limit, the system can able to give the alert.

Service Alarm

The necessary maintenance routine for the engine (fuel injection, engine change, airflow), etc. will be automatically announced through the System Service Alarm before the daily operation.

Engine Temperature

Engine Temperature and Engine Coolant Temperatures can be also monitored time by time. When the engine is overheating the system can send the notifications by email. Also, if the engine is overheating, the operator will be notified and warned by voice announcement.

Fleet Management Control

There will be able to schedule any necessary maintenance for the machineries at any time by scheduling the plan. The auto alarm will also be issued before the expiry of the necessary renewals like battery, engine oil, driver license and car license. And also, all of the cost of each vehicle can be kept in the system and can report anytime within one year.

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