NETPRO GPS Solutions has a story that begins with the founding of NETPRO MYANMAR Co., Ltd, an IT professional service and systems integration company. As the company grew and expanded, it recognized a need in the market for telematics solutions and fleet management services in Myanmar. This led to the creation of NETPRO GPS Solutions as a dedicated business sector within the company.

With a strong background in the IT industry, NETPRO GPS Solutions was well-equipped to tackle the challenges of providing telematics solutions to local businesses. The team at NETPRO GPS Solutions recognized that there were gaps in the market that needed to be filled, and they set out to do just that through continuous research and development in IoT technology.

Their efforts paid off, and NETPRO GPS Solutions quickly established itself as a leading provider of telematics solutions and fleet management services in Myanmar. They achieved this by connecting with the world’s best telematics hardware and software manufacturers and researching ways to customize solutions that would meet the specific needs of their local clients. They were determined to stay on top of the latest developments in the world of telematics technology, so they could always offer their clients the latest and greatest features.

NETPRO GPS Solutions understands that the key to success in any business is building strong, trusted partnerships with clients. That’s why their first priority is always to establish a relationship of trust with their clients and provide ongoing support to ensure a win-win situation for everyone. With a wealth of experience in system integration and telematics solutions for different business fields, NETPRO GPS Solutions has built a reputation for delivering high-value solutions to their clients. They are committed to maintaining that reputation by delivering on their promise of quality and value to all their clients.


Our business strategy

  • Fleet owner – saves on fleet costs: fuel, maintenance, administration… and has a more efficient team.
  • Our Premium Partners have a new, trustful relationship with customers.
  • With NETPRO GPS Solutions we can build a company on black and white results.

Company culture

  • We focus on getting real results and ROI for our customers.
  • We provide you with a system to safely run your fleet and your company.
  • We give you modern, innovative and latest telematics technology and platform to make your profits grow.

Our Customers

  • Whatever money you spend with us we will return a multiple of that to you in savings.
  • We will optimise relationships within your team and start a cycle of continuous evolution in your business.
  • Great results with no effort. We give you the results of an expert fleet manager.

The Company. Our core Values. Our Beliefs.

We got the tools

We can offer you several telematics devices and peripherals from worldwide distributed brands. You have the options to choose the best solutions for your needs at affordable prices.

Certified Experience

Our engineers are well experienced and trained to do their jobs best. They can manage a perfect installation from small to heavy machinery with no side effect to the machine within the flexible time frame.

Competitive Pricing

We have several price plans for Telematics system with different features from basic to advance. The more you can invest, the more functionality and data you obtain. You can choose the plan that suits you both in functions and price.

Lifetime Guarantee

Devices and sensors are given a lifetime warranty no matter the price plan. We also provide lifetime service warranty. You don’t have to worry about the damages of the devices and sensors.

5 Years Experience

We are working on Telematics Fields for over 5  years and the experiences we earned will fulfil your expectations. We can offer customized solutions based on your requests in addition to the original features of the system.

Great Support

We have a customer care team with a quick and effective response to support you 24/7. You can contact the support from Instant Support Chat from our telematics platform, Email, Viber and Phone. Moreover, we provide face-to-face and online training whenever you need to.


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