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Service Maintenance

Control and Manage your Fleet Maintanance

Fleet maintenance systems are software tools that help organizations manage and track the maintenance and repair of their vehicle fleet. These systems typically include features such as scheduling and tracking of maintenance and repairs, tracking of vehicle usage and mileage, monitoring of fuel consumption and costs, and tracking of vehicle parts and inventory. They can also include features such as automated reminders for scheduled maintenance, integration with GPS tracking systems, and reporting and analytics capabilities to help organizations make data-driven decisions about their fleet. These systems can be used to optimize fleet performance, reduce maintenance and repair costs, and improve compliance with regulations.


It describes the overall summary of the fleet. You can assess the fleet statistics with regard to its maintenance processes. The numbers of vehicles that are currently running and those idling at the service stations are described in a clear way. Moreover, the service states of the vehicles: due, in progress, and overdue are described. The maintenance costs of the entire fleet are also calculated based on the engine hour and mileage.

Service Objects

The list of the objects (vehicles, drivers, trailers) are described with detailed information. Taking a look to an object can see the present information such as mileage, engine hour and expenditures. Furthermore, the current location of the vehicle can be checked from the map. You can also see the service and intervals of the vehicle which describes the works, spare parts, expenditures and deadlines information.


Interval is the template for creating the scheduled regular maintenance or activity of the objects and notifying the fleet operator about it. Three types of interval are supported – by mileage, by engine hours and by time to create the appropriate service intervals. You can also choose more than one interval so that the service activates when any of the intervals is occurred.


Service is also a template of recording the maintenance or activity of the objects, but it is intended for random maintenance which happens in certain circumstances. You can create the services that are currently in progress, that are planning to do in the near future and which have already done. You can also check the service states of the entire fleet here.

Online Notifications

You can know any changes in service statues from the online notification panel. You can also customize the types of notifications in the settings. Each notification contains the date and time, type of notification and detailed description. The unread and read notifications are separated by highlighted background. You can also perform filtering, deleting and marking all as read to notifications.


The system provides a convenient and customizable report for the fleet owner. You can generate the report for each service state within the specified time frame. It includes all the information related to the service state and can also be exported into Excel file with a single click. The system can store the history of the fleet up to 5 years.

Service Maintenance Application

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