Smart Agriculture

Solution for Agribusiness

The application allows you to control the field works based on telematics/GPS data and is really useful for developing smart agricultural system. The agri-solution provide you with transparent data on fields and its operations, in addition to crop rotations. Getting the precise information of who was cultivating the crops at what time and using what kind of Agri-machines, the user can efficiently plan and make progress in agribusiness.

API for integrations

  • Data from Smart Farming can be integrated with any accounting systems
  • Use for creating financial, personnel or technical reports
  • Develop a smart agribusiness management system

Fields and crops

  • Fields come in three different ways – synchronizing with geofences in GPS System, importing files, and manual creating within the application
  • Add crops in crop catalogue by specifying the relevant color for each crop and define crops’ rotation in the fields
  • Field operations history can be checked in reports

Field cultivations

  • Search for potential cultivations – where the unit’s tracks and field geofences are intersected
  • Approve or Reject potential cultivations were only approved ones reach to report
  • Calculate the total cultivated, overlap, and omitted area automatically

Special vehicles and drivers

  • Units, drivers and trailers are synchronized with the GPS system, and trailers are named as implements
  • Define the working width and operation of each implement
  • Drivers are identified while searching potential cultivations and described in reports


  • Reports are based on approved cultivations
  • Generate reports with multiple customized parameters
  • Export in .csv and .xlsx formats
  • Allow you to control the workflows and improve the quality of agri-business

Smart Agriculture Application

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