Manage & Control of Public Transportation

Nimbus is specifically designed for route management with the help of navigation software and special tools. It can help you to manage and track urban, suburban and interurban passenger transportation. In the application interface, you can create the stops, plan the routes, assign the vehicles, manage the schedules, monitor the rides and track the performance in real-time. It can also provide event based online notifications and ride reports, in addition to special ACL system, API for integration and custom developments.


  • Create stop points of any shape by importing from a file, doing a single right click on the map, or entering a location on the address search box.
  • Specify the type of trasport(s) that the stop is going to involve.
  • Identify the stops that are not involved in routes.


  • Generate the routes which include precise schedules, individual operation patterns and assigned units.
  • Create the routes by adding several stops and arranging it’s sequenced.
  • Inserting, replacing and removing stops to the created route is available.
  • Prepare the schedule(s) of the route and assign the unit(s) for this route.


  • The movement of the vehicle from start to end along a specific route within the assigned schedule for a specific date.
  • Create rides automatically based on the schedules and operating patterns of the active rides.
  • View planned rides for any time and control scheduled rides within the next 7 days.


  • Successive execution to a chain of schedules by one vehicle, and routes with same number and type of transport.
  • Set of rides executed within a shift or day.
  • Create blocks by choosing required routes, schedules and operation patterns.


  • Real-time control over the rides.
  • Control late/early arrivals and deviations from the routes, and visualize via markers.
  • Replace the breakdown unit with the new one during transportation.
  • Monitor the distribution of the vehicles on the map.


  • Analyze the performance of the fleet and optimize for the better services in future.
  • Support basic and detailed reports for units and routes.
  • Generate a report for custom intervals of up to 100 days.
  • Export the report to Excel file.


  • Analyze the overall performance of the fleet.
  • Displays the summary information related to stops, routes, rides and monitoring.
  • Update the data in real-time.


  • Receive online notifications related to any events on the rides
  • Server as an additional monitoring tool for the better enhancement of efficiency
  • Draw the attention of the operator to the events that required urgent responses

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