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Engine Hour

The number of engine operating hour is one of the most important parameters for heavy machinery such as an agricultural vehicle. It can indicate the service life of the engine, chassis and other important mechanisms of the machine. Getting to know the engine hour is important for regular maintenance of the vehicle. Our system can provide the up to date engine hours of the machine in the workplace wherever you are, and even the alarm system for preventive maintenance at specified engine hours.

Working Hour

In most of the Construction Machinery Rental business, the operators are getting paid by the machine engine hour. There, came the problems of cheating engine hour, idling without working, slow down the work to get more engine hour by the crook operators. All of these reduce the machine productivity, fuel economy and increase the maintenance costs, that all you don’t desire. This problem left unfix for so long, and no one is trying to solve out. For now, we are here to help you to stop this. We can take the exact records of the total engine running hours, total working hours, total travelling hours and total idling hours. All these hours were calculated from the machine’s electronics control unit and could not be hacked easily.

Idling Hour

We all know an idle machine isn’t making you money, but many don’t realize how much money an idle machine is actually costing you. Because of the unnecessary idling of a stationary vehicle will decrease your resale value and increase your maintenance. That’s why we need to monitor idling hour and sends immediate notifications or sound alert to the operator and owner when idle time beyond threshold time.

Engine RPM

Engine RPM parameter from heavy machinery not only helps you to watch the performance but helps you take measures to improve the performance of your machine. You can analyze Idling, working and travelling status of your heavy machine by mean of Engine RPM. Reducing RPMs to 50% of the maximum value can improve fuel efficiency by 15-30%. Our monitoring solution to monitor acceleration and RPMs in real-time, define RPM limits and set up alarms for fleet managers and operators when these limits are exceeded.

Engine Coolant Temperature

An integral part of all Heavy Machinery engines, the engine coolant removes excess heat from the Internal combustion engine by transferring heat into the atmosphere via the radiator. It maintains the temperature of the engine, thereby preventing major mechanical failures. That’s why we need to monitor the engine coolant temperature and sends immediate notifications or sound alert to the operator and owner when the temperature goes beyond threshold values.

Fuel Level

The system is capable of real-time fuel level monitoring of the vehicle. With the help of the fuel level sensor, the system will let you know about the fuel consumption, fuel fillings and fuel thefts in advance with detailed information. Using the built-in fuel sensor can deviate the accuracy of up to 10%; in other words, the system can guarantee only 90% accuracy. If you want more precise fuel data, you can install our fuel level sensor. It can guarantee 99% accuracy, which means the system will deviate only ± 1 Liter for 100 Liters.

Fuel Consumption

The fuel Monitoring system allows the fleet operators or owners to control the fuel usage from vehicles, heavy machinery, generators and ground tanks, etc. Fuel costs often form a considerable part of total fleet expenses. You will be able to save up to 30% of fleet financial expenses with our fuel monitoring solution. Fuel monitoring help to eliminate any fuel misuse and increase the ROI of your business. You can identify the actual cost of every single trip and working hours.

Cultivated Area

The system supports a feature to detect potential cultivations. Potential cultivations occur when the filed geofences and unit’s tracks are intersected. The system only considers the actual working process in the filed as potential cultivation while neglecting come and cross events. You can get the detailed data about the field cultivations including cultivated area, overlaps, omissions, and the area left which are in percentage and actual area.

Engine Blocking

Engine Blocking is a feature that disables the engine to start in some conditions. Why and when we need to use this feature? When a cheating operator is trying to use the machine outside the assigned project area or when someone is trying to use your office fleet for his personal purpose, in such cases, this feature is incredibly helpful to us. We can control the machine’s engine depending on Geo-location, scheduled time intervals, or both, as well as manually via SMS commands.


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