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Real-time Tracking

With so many assets and things in motion, business and government leaders don’t have time to track each movement manually. With location intelligence, they can create live maps and apps for monitoring. By seeing what’s happening now and analyzing what has already happened, decision-makers can identify opportunities for growth, safety, and efficiency. Get real-time alerts and visualization on maps and dashboards.

Driver Identification

When working with a large fleet, you may have many vehicles as well as drivers. The vehicles may assign to individual drivers or multiple via shift. In this case, the driver identification system will let you know who is driving the vehicle during a specific time. You can get the working hour of a specific driver and know who is driving in case of certain circumstances. And also you can check the KPI of each driver in combination with the Driving Behavior Feature.

Driving Behavior

The feature can analyze the performance of the drivers based on their driving behaviours. Harsh Acceleration, Harsh Braking, and Harsh Cornering and Speeding can be detected in our Eco Driving App. You can run the reward and punish system, which leads to improving overall fleet safety through in-vehicle driver coaching. To efficiently manage your fleet fuel economy and maintenance costs, this feature can analyze the performance of the drivers.

Ride Report

A ride is a travel of a unit from one point to another. The ride report is used to control transportation trucks from one place to another in several round trips. With the ride report, you can easily calculate the fuel consumption with goods or without goods. Ride reports allow you to count how many times the truck has ridden from one place to another in a specified time period.

Fuel Monitoring

The fuel Monitoring system allows the fleet operators or owners to control the fuel usage from vehicles, heavy machinery, generators and ground tanks, etc. Fuel costs often form a considerable part of total fleet expenses. You will be able to save up to 30% of fleet financial expenses with our fuel monitoring solution. Fuel monitoring help to eliminate any fuel misuse and increase the ROI of your business. You can identify the actual cost of every single trip and working hours.

Logistics App

The web interface is developed to manage the entire delivery process – order creation, vehicle assigning, route optimization and distribution, and monitoring and coordination of the transportation process. The Android and iOS operating Mobile applications are intended for couriers – receiving detailed information on the delivery process, notifying dispatchers about the progress of distribution, and leaving a comment for each order.

Temperature Monitoring

Cold chain assurance is a crucial issue for the refrigerated or temperature-controlled transportation of goods to prevent any temperature disruption, which may lead to the deterioration or even loss of the goods in question. We also provide a solution for this type of transportation by offering very precise and real-time temperature tracking in order to guarantee the quality of the goods throughout their transportation.

Door Status

Monitoring the door status is one main feature of our platform for your cold chain trucks. Every time your vehicle’s door opens or closes, you can get alert for each event immediately or within indicated time periods in a specific location. Monitor and trigger reefer door state-dependent changes on doors. Includes full doors and temperature detail reporting including geofence door activity of every compartment. This feature will allow you to get your vehicles’ door activity always under control, no matter where you are.

Compressor Status

Engine RPM parameter from heavy machinery not only helps you to watch the performance but helps you take measures to improve the performance of your machine. You can analyze Idling, working and travelling status of your heavy machine by mean of Engine RPM. Reducing RPMs to 50% of the maximum value can improve fuel efficiency by 15-30%. Our monitoring solution to monitor acceleration and RPMs in real-time, define RPM limits and set up alarms for fleet managers and operators when these limits are exceeded.

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