Fuel Level


Driving Behavior


Real-time Tracking

Our real-time tracking solution allows you to monitor the location and movement of your assets in real-time. With live maps and apps, you can gain insight into the current state of your assets and make data-driven decisions to improve safety, efficiency and growth. Get alerts and visualization on maps and dashboards to stay informed and in control at all times. Plus, it allows you to track the location, speed, and routes of your vehicles and equipment, as well as identify potential issues, such as theft or misuse.

Driver Identification

The driver identification system uses various methods such as RFID, NFC, and biometric to identify the driver. This allows for accurate tracking of driver’s hours, and helps to ensure compliance with regulations. Additionally, it can also be used to monitor and improve driver performance by tracking key performance indicators such as speed, acceleration, braking, and fuel consumption. Overall, the driver identification system is an important tool for improving fleet management and ensuring the safety of drivers and vehicles.

Driving Behavior

With the Driving Behavior feature, fleet operators can monitor and improve the driving performance of their drivers. The feature can detect harsh acceleration, braking, cornering and speeding, and provide in-vehicle coaching to improve overall fleet safety. Additionally, the feature can analyze driver performance to improve fuel economy and reduce maintenance costs. By using the reward and punishment system, the fleet operators can improve the overall performance of their fleet.

Ride Report

A ride report is a document that records the details of a truck’s transportation journey, such as the starting and ending points, the amount of fuel consumed, and the amount of cargo transported. It can be used to track the efficiency of truck operations and identify areas for improvement in terms of fuel consumption and cargo management. Ride reports can also be used to calculate the number of trips made by a truck over a specific period of time.

Fuel Monitoring

The Fuel consumption monitoring system allows fleet operators or owners to track and control the fuel usage of vehicles, heavy machinery, generators, and ground tanks. It can help to reduce fuel costs, which are often a significant part of total fleet expenses. With our fuel monitoring solution, it is possible to save up to 30% of fleet financial expenses by eliminating fuel misuse and increasing the ROI of your business. The system allows you to identify the actual cost of every single trip and working hour.

Logistics App

A logistics app is a software application that helps manage the various aspects of the delivery process. It typically includes a web-based interface that allows users to create and manage orders, assign vehicles, optimize routes, and monitor the transportation process. It also includes mobile applications for couriers that provide detailed information about the delivery process, such as the location and status of the order. The mobile apps also allow couriers to notify dispatchers about the progress of the delivery and leave comments on each order. The logistics app can help streamline the delivery process by providing real-time information and enabling better coordination among all stakeholders.

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