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Asset tracking is the process of identifying, monitoring and managing the location, movement and condition of physical assets. This can be done using various technologies such as GPS, RFID, cellular networks or a combination of these. The data collected from these technologies can be used to track and manage the location, status, and movement of various assets such as vehicles, heavy machinery, generators, shipping containers, and even animals. Asset tracking can provide real-time location data and historical data that can be used to improve the efficiency, safety and security of the assets. This can be used to improve the overall operations of the organization, such as reducing downtime, increasing asset utilization, and improving the safety and security of the assets. It can also help businesses to increase their revenue by reducing the loss or theft of assets and optimizing the use of resources.

What is asset tracking

GPS tracking or asset tracking is a technology that allows the collection of location data from vehicles, heavy machinery, generator, human and pets, etc.

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