Telematics Features

Asset Tracking

GPS tracking or asset tracking is a technology that allows the collection of location data from vehicles, heavy machinery, generator, human and pets, etc. We use a quality GPS tracker that it has high accuracy GPS technology and Location base Service(LBS) to get the precision point of your asset. From something simple as seeing your asset in real-time to customize working times and location, our monitoring systems can put your assets in control.


Geo-fences use GPS tracker or RFID tag to trigger a custom alert when tracked equipment crosses its assigned geographical boundary. Safeguard your assets by setting physical boundaries or zone around your vehicles, equipment and entering and leaving a geofenced job site creates a log of time spent at the job site. Moreover, you can combine advanced features like Engine Blocking to trigger automatically if the tracked vehicle crossed the defined Geo-fence zone.

Intelligent Alerts

A smart monitoring solution includes not only retrieving and showing data from the tracked equipment in real-time, but we could also set event notifications upon condition changes and send it to the client’s smart devices automatically. We could set events for any kind of condition that meets the client’s interests. Our smart monitoring software could send a notification to the client through email, system message, and popular social messaging media app like ViberTelegram.

Fleet Maintenance

The fleet maintenance application controls the operation and maintenance procedures of the entire fleet system. Our fleet maintenance application can notify you in advance whenever a vehicle needs regular maintenance such as engine oil and filter change, battery change, a license extension for vehicles and drivers, etc. in addition to irregular maintenance under certain circumstances. You can analyze the performance of the fleet depends on the maintenance costs and its operation.

Driver Identification

When working with a large fleet, you may have many vehicles as well as drivers. The vehicles may assign to individual drivers or multiple via shift. In this case, the driver identification system will let you know who is driving the vehicle during a specific time. You can get the working hour of a specific driver and know who is driving in case of certain circumstances. And also you can check the KPI of each driver in combination with the Driving Behavior Feature.

Driver Behaviour

The feature can analyze the performance of the drivers based on their driving behaviours. Harsh Acceleration, Harsh Braking, and Harsh Cornering and Speeding can be detected in our Eco Driving App. You can run the reward and punish system, which leads to improving overall fleet safety through in-vehicle driver coaching. To efficiently manage your fleet fuel economy and maintenance costs, this feature can analyze the performance of the drivers.

Fuel Monitoring

The fuel Monitoring system allows the fleet operators or owners to control the fuel usage from vehicles, heavy machinery, generators and ground tanks, etc. Fuel costs often form a considerable part of total fleet expenses. You will be able to save up to 30% of fleet financial expenses with our fuel monitoring solution. Fuel monitoring help to eliminate any fuel misuse and increase the ROI of your business. You can identify the actual cost of every single trip and working hours.

Sensors Monitoring

The solution to monitor a running machine or a truck’s operation state, effective engine utilization, and engine performance by retrieving sensor data from ECU such as Engine Coolant Temperature, Engine RPM, Engine Percent Load, Working Mode, Doors Open/Close Status, Seat Belts. You can use additional sensors like Temperature sensors, Limit switch, Fuel Level sensors, Angle sensors depending on your business requirements.

Engine Blocking

Engine Blocking is a feature that disables the engine to start in some conditions. Why and when we need to use this feature? When a cheating operator is trying to use the machine outside the assigned project area or when someone is trying to use your office fleet for his personal purpose, in such cases, this feature is incredibly helpful to us. We can control the machine’s engine depending on Geo-location, scheduled time intervals, or both, as well as manually via SMS commands.